Friday, 8 January 2010


Stuck in my house once again.....I really do hate snow seriously I used to love it, but now I just like to look at it. I just hate when you have to walk outside and the Ice afterwards oh gosh! That's a mission I tell you because I refuse to slip and fall which has happened in the past unfortunately...BOOOOOO SNOW!

aha! Moving on the image that you see is a 'rough' image of what I will be doing in Illustrator...I'll post the finished clean version on a later date when I have actually started on it. Funny how I'm meant to be doing my uni work instead and it's due on Monday! I actually want it to snow harder on Monday so I don't go in! I might as well use the snow to my favour even though I despise it (side glance).


  1. ooo nice image girl! cant wait to see the final outcome #like# lol but i #dislike# that comment about uni, i feel to go back, because... im bored as sh*t. Why don't you use those Doc Marten boots to crush ice, whislt stepping on peoples toes and sticking em up people's a*ses! Don't worry they would be greatful because you will be doing it in 'style'.

    ps: wow its a mission to post a comment on your blog so many proceedures after!

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  3. *Grateful* i just read over what i wrote and don't mind that last comment i use that blog for music.

  4. LMFAO! I don't want to go back to uni I haven't done my xmas work ....I don't get it maybe you can help me!

    Project Title: Story telling

    Over Christmas you are to collect three stories from different sources, one from the past, one from the present and one from the future. They must not be made up by you.
    Consider the means of collection. You may write, visualise, record in any medium appropriate to the story itself.
    Consider the means of retelling. How are you going to relate the stories when you present them on January 11.

  5. lol well u know! video is out of the question and unless your a brilliant story teller and book writer / journalist etc... then i doubt a long essay would sufice, but if i was in your situation! i would have done it in the first few week of this long a*s break lol! but a-las i ain't in your situation so lets proceed.. im guessing 3 series of prints would do well, you like doing mixed media dont you? painting and so on (arts and crafts... think 'Art Attack' that program was cool lol) collauge, but yeah in this case i would pick something to do with the media and politcal issues, they are all negative. You can play upon, their lies, their ethnicity, how they portrayed Obama to be Superman (lol skeen) and look how he f*uked up and etc..

    over all, if anything, do something you know you can put something together easy, obviously making sense lol and babel on, i found out (knowing me as a person) babeling on about negativity in the goverment is my forte, i tend to chuck alot of common sense into it... but just pick something you can clearly chat sh*t over... then peace and serenity would be at your doorstep