Monday, 25 October 2010

Friday, 8 October 2010


                                                                Almost 15 years old 


 Over the summer I have been collecting Shopping List since I work in Waitrose. It quite interesting to see what people 'need' to buy. I only started this collection because when ever I was clearing up items I would always find shopping list somewhere. I have set rules though 1. I do not ask people if they have shopping list or if I can have it because I do not want to know who it belongs to it's kind of fun just guessing if it was a male or female how old they may be by just looking at what they were buying and their handwriting style. 2. I have to find it myself only.
My other collection is finding travel tickets that I can use for the day I have no set rules on this hahaha if I somebody wants to give me their travel ticket then fine by me because it means free travel and that has happened. you will be amazed if you just look down on the floor.

Augustina Sarpong

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My sister does product design which is cool but not my cup of tea

summer project

Well had to do 8 frames of just images telling a story with no words. We were given words (noun,adjective and verb) had to select one word from each. So my story was The red bird searching in the coutryside.

Intial Ideas.

My story is about the red bird being the odd one out from the other flock of black birds and so it decides to move on to find acceptance (other red birds)