Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Some images that I did with my boyfriend Nathan.

comb collection

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mood Board

It looks messy but it took us about 3 hours to make it look messy.

Do I Need To Spell It Out?!

 this is actually the ceiling...nicccccccccce.
Just an old project from first term of uni....it's just about location really. Can you guess where this is?


Some Items that was found on the Thames. The concept was fishes for our little exhibition for LCC. In the end it was fun and worth it glad I got involved.

Monday, 14 June 2010

short, natural and simple but with a slight twist

I decided to cut my hair...It's been a while now but I'm just posting it. I decided to cut it because I got bored of my hair and also it was quite heavily damaged, especially for a black girl it's not a good sign at all. I did not cut it to this length straight away I gradually got to the length I am now. I would say I look very different from other typical black girls that's for sure ...and I got sick of straightening my hair and just damaging it so much just to get it straight and long and it was starting to thin! I just had this stupid mentality that I had to have it long and straight to look pretty...but my boyfriend loves my new hair now hehehehe. I say keep it short, natural and simple but with a slight twist ;).

This is a before picture...I have to say I like my eyebrows in this picture :D.


Check out my new baby. I seriously love charity shops, guess how much I got this for........well I can tell you I got this for £7.00 like a few weeks ago. I got it as I was going to work, it's in perfect condition and I've used it already the ink is slightly running out but I can still manage to get a sentence out of it when I press hard enough. Also I think it's a bit weird how these typewriters don't have an exclamation mark or a number one. But I have figured out how to make an exclamation mark, just basically combine the apostrophe and reverse back and add the full stop and wallah. Anyway I'm very happy with my purchase.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

It's been too long

Hey I'm back ...officially done with uni work, now ready for the summer ..4 months of it that is :D. But it's been so stressful especially last week..it was insane, all I kept on thinking about was work ...I lived breathed and ate work.
But funny enough it feels weird not doing any work now...It feels like I should be given another brief...Which I will soon for the summer for illustration...I managed to pass my first year of GMD, I'm happy and grateful.Seriously though I need to work harder 2nd year ...I seriously procrastinate too much!

One of my project I did (typo/graphics) I was meant to be in a band 'Devine-mess'
I will upload more pictures when I can be bothered.