Thursday, 10 June 2010

It's been too long

Hey I'm back ...officially done with uni work, now ready for the summer ..4 months of it that is :D. But it's been so stressful especially last was insane, all I kept on thinking about was work ...I lived breathed and ate work.
But funny enough it feels weird not doing any work now...It feels like I should be given another brief...Which I will soon for the summer for illustration...I managed to pass my first year of GMD, I'm happy and grateful.Seriously though I need to work harder 2nd year ...I seriously procrastinate too much!

One of my project I did (typo/graphics) I was meant to be in a band 'Devine-mess'
I will upload more pictures when I can be bothered.


  1. hello classmate you cat woman.
    Nice picture, I want more, gimme more. lol
    *thumb up*

  2. lol shut up, it will come soonish. Be patient little one.